• Proper Quranic recitation before
    the age of six

    Enhanced skills in English,Arabic and Malayalam
    as well as Basic Math and Sciences
  • Memorization of one juz in the Quran
    Child-centred Curriculum
    Activity Oriented Pedagogy
  • l
    Training that creates ideal
    citizens and integrated personalities
    with good social skills

Heavens Quranic Preschool

Humanization of man is the proclaimed goal and soul of education. To realize this we should adopt befitting approaches and aspects in all regards from style, structure, evaluation and so on. Especially it's a must in the initial stages of the process of learning. Heavens Quranic Preschool is one such curriculum with a mind to mould the pupil's personality in accordance with the general prospect of education with special focus on Islamic tutelage.

Our curriculum is evolved mainly on some principles. ie, child centered pedagogy, teaching the holy Qur'an recitation, developmental psychology, formulation of good manners in each child, Arabic, English and Malayalam language study and better personality traits which guide him to be a good human being.

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Well trained and skilled mentors, to empower child to prepare for successful future.



Child-friendly school ensures every child an environment that is physically safe, emotionally secure and psychologically enabling

Enhanced skills

Enhanced skills

Enhanced skills in English, Arabic and Malayalam as well as Basic Math and Sciences

Our Vision

  • To mould better personality and traits in each child making him resourceful enough to position himself as a global citizen

Our Mission

  • To raise a child as per fitrah or his intrinsic purity
  • To nurture buds for recitation and memorization of Holy Qur'an in a modern methodology.
  • To foster language skills in early childhood which enables him to communicate fluently.
  • To nourish each child's intellectual, emotional and social skills.

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Our Carriculam

Quranic Studies

To nurture buds for recitation and memorization of Holy Qur'an in a modern methodology.

Language Skills

To build linguistic ability in mother tongue, English and Arabic first by linking sounds, symbols and sense using phonetic approach.

Science Study

To mould reasoning and arithmetic basics in each child and train him to observe nature and environment. Scientific study begins here.

Skill Development

The extracurricular activities include care for physical fitness, artistic skills, social and emotional skills……

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